As we discover new ways of connecting to and interacting with technology, the race is on to design new customized solutions that can help us to get fit, stay fit, improve our health and well-being and, not least, to help physicians provide better patient care. Advancements in sensors and wearable technology represent a world of potential for the healthcare, medical, fitness and well-being industries.

At Cogniance, we’ve worked in these industries for over seven years and have developed an in-depth understanding of their unique regulatory environments and the ever-changing markets. We’ve also developed game-changing solutions for the fitness and well-being industries and understand the increasing demands people have for a truly connected experience while they work to get, and stay, in shape.
We help you:
and develop connected medical devices that meet the highest standards of technology and quality and comply with industry regulations.
custom-built health and fitness applications that improve the patient and/or customer experience and increase engagement.
and personalize patient care by building more efficient ways of handling, analyzing and reporting patient information.
cloud-based mobile and web solutions and applications for monitoring health, fitness and wellness.
disparate patient data into valuable insights that can be used to monitor, diagnose and improve patient health.
the power of the cloud to create connected health solutions, from patient to physician, and pharmacy to home.
Going all in to create compliant devices
We’ve worked with global leaders in the medical, healthcare and fitness industries for the past seven years. During that time, we’ve developed and brought to market over 20 technology products for our customers in these industries.
All in!
Designing and building real solutions that solve real challenges.
Why Cogniance?
design studios worldwide
We are builders. Our design-led approach starts and ends with you and your customers, building solutions that are relevant for them.
We’re an experienced partner. Working on health and fitness projects is a part of our DNA and we’ve been doing it since our inception in 2008.
successful projects
We have a proven track record of working with customers that need the expertise of a partner who understands the health and fitness industry.
The amount of time our designers and engineers spend each month, working side-by-side with customers to deliver relevant solutions.
Let's work together to build impactful futures.