With the majority of businesses operating at least partially, if not entirely, online, most companies have never had more access to data about their users, customers and partners. The complexity and volume of those terabytes of data represent probably the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity for you and your business. The challenge lies in being able to translate all those ones and zeros into a real competitive advantage. And an opportunity that lies in the ability to take a strategic approach to transforming all that raw data into meaningful business insights. That’s where we come in.
We can turn your data into real business intelligence, and help you uncover real insights so that you can make better decisions, based on historical, current and future data. We’ve helped many companies store, manage, analyze and monetize big data. Our services range from architecting and deploying data pipelines, data lakes and BI data warehouses to implementing data analytics, reporting and data dashboards. Our big data architects, data scientists and engineers are experts in how you can make all that data work for you to turn it into valuable applied insights.
We help you:
the hidden potential of your raw data and convert it to meaningful business insights into your customers, services, businesses and markets.
clear answers to your questions with reporting, BI and analytical tools tailored specifically to you and your business.
personalized and predictive analytical dashboards to reflect your business strategy and goals.
data with data science algorithms to help you solve complex problems in ways that help accelerate your business growth.
your business with next generation business intelligence technology through personalized predictive dashboards and real-time data discovery.
with our team of big data architects, data scientists and engineers who will work with you to turn all that complex data into clear answers.
Did you know?
45% of data and analytics decision makers at US companies say they already commercialize their data. In Germany, that number is 38%, and in France 35%. Are you sitting on a data goldmine and just haven't figured out how to take advantage of it?
The amount of unstructured data is growing exponentially every year, with 80% of enterprise data being unstructured, and companies have very little visibility into what is happening.
Big data
Let's uncover your data's hidden business potential together.
Why Cogniance?
Our team of big data architects, data scientists and engineers are certified in Kafta, Spark, Hadoop and Cassandra.
We're an experienced partner. Working on big data projects is part of our DNA, and we've been doing it since our inception in 2008.
successful projects
We have a proven track record of working with customers that need the expertise of a partner who understands big data.
The amount of time our designers and engineers spend each month, working side-by-side with customers to deliver relevant solutions.
Data: the key to facing the future head-on.