We love our gadgets, devices and appliances, and live our lives through technology. Electronics are increasingly becoming our primary interface with the world around us. And there are no shortage of devices to choose from. To successfully compete in the consumer electronics space, companies have to do more than deliver great technology. They have to design an addictive experience, an experience that their customers won’t be able to live without. To build products that wow!

That’s where we come in. At Cogniance, we love technology. We love the difference a meaningfully designed product can make in people’s lives. Our human-to-human approach drives our process, where we work with you, understanding the needs and problems of the people who will use the product, your market and your existing portfolio of products. We then work with you to design, build and deliver a product uniquely suited for your customers and your business.
We help you:
No one knows your business better than you. So, our process starts with listening to you. Together we brainstorm and develop ideas until we have a viable option for your business and your customers.
We don't just dream up ideas that look great on the drawing board but cannot be realized in real life. We transform your ideas to fully-functional prototypes to find out what works and what wows.
Designing meaningful products that make a difference in the way people live, work and play is in our DNA. Our award-winning designers work with you to bring your ideas to life.
Our UX and UI experts go all in to ensure that they understand your customers' needs, and that together we are creating the right experience for everyone who uses the product.
We work with you through every cycle of product development, and that includes the launch - working with you to find the right platform to launch your products.
Our partnership doesn't have to stop at the launch. We keep working with you to make sure your product stays relevant as technology as consumer habits evolve.
Did you know?
By the end of 2017, there will be 8.4 billion connected things in use. That's more connected devices than people. By 2020 the number is expected to exceed 20 billion.
We can help you take your innovative ideas from drawing board to launch and beyond.
Why Cogniance?
design studios worldwide
We are builders. Our design-led approach starts and ends with your users, building solutions that are relevant for them.
We're an experienced partner. Working on design projects is part of our DNA, and we've been doing it since our inception in 2008.
design awards
Both our designers and designs have won over 20 prestigious awards since our inception in 2008, including the IF Design Award, and the Austrian Staatspreis Design Award 2017.
The amount of time our designers and engineers spend each month, working side-by-side with customers to deliver relevant solutions.
Let's work together to design meaningful experiences for your customers.