In a future not too far from now, the vehicle will be much more than just a method of transportation. Fitting into the overall demand for holistic experiences, our cars will become our living spaces, acting as personal assistants, service providers, wellness partners and chauffeurs – helping us get from point A to B in the safest, most environmentally friendly manner possible, and making our lives easier in the process. What role will your company’s vehicles play in the future? How can you create a holistic experience for your customers while monetizing services?

How can you use predictive AI to provide your customers with tangible insights that improve their lives and well-being? How can you build the service ecosystem necessary to meet the needs of tomorrow’s drivers?
That’s where we come in. At Cogniance, we are creating impactful futures for the automotive industry. For the better part of a decade, we’ve been working with some of the most innovative automotive companies and top OEMs in the world. Join us and, together, let’s design the automotive experience of the future.
We help you:
your path to autonomy. Using our background in UI and UX, we solve the painpoints your customers have today, by designing their ideal car experience of the future.
your idea to a prototype. We help you take your innovative ideas from the drawing board to the production phase, assisting with everything from conceptualization to rapid prototyping.
the car to the cloud. We pull on our experience in algorithmic work, machine learning, and building cloud solutions to help you create relevant, feasible connected services for your customers.
monetization services. We work with you to develop monetization strategies, conceptualize services, and then build the companion apps needed to support the in-car retail experience.
the trends of the future that impact your industry, and identifying the ones that represent the greatest potential disruption and innovation for your customers.
on these trends and keep your company at the forefront of innovation and ready for the future.
In 2030...
On-demand mobility and data-driven services will expand automotive revenue pools by 30%.
One in ten cars sold will be shared vehicles and 15% of new cars sold will be fully autonomous.
Shaping 2030
How will your cars impact 2030? Let's find out together.
The car, anno 2021
Cars are living spaces
Enabling passengers to read, sleep, chat, surf and study, all while being driven to their destination.
Cars are offices
Enabling passengers to hold meetings and conference calls, and work remotely, irrespective of location.
Cars are revenue generators
Opening up revenue-generating opportunities, from ride-sharing to short-term leasing, while handling booking, payment and tracking via apps and cryptocurrencies.
Cars are your wellness partner
Recommending workouts, providing a multi-sensorial environment for downtime and relaxation.
Together we can define the future of the automotive industry.