The adtech and martech landscape is changing faster than we can map it and, in industries that demand constant innovation, it can be difficult to keep up. Tackling these challenges often requires more than most off-the-shelf advertising and marketing software, tools and platforms can provide. You need an approach that’s uniquely tailored to your business, your budget, your customers and your systems.
That’s where we come in. For the better part of a decade, we’ve been working with some of the most innovative adtech companies and top digital media agencies in the world. Working across the spectrum, from startups to global conglomerates, we go all in to ideate, build and launch solutions that help agencies and brands target, deliver and anyalyze their digital advertising efforts.
We help you:
and map out, design and build new solutions for your company — or work to evolve existing solutions. And our process always starts with you and your needs.
custom-built solutions that include comprehensive analytics and reporting engines, where data speaks for itself.
seamless third-party platform integration “under one roof” (Demand Side Platforms, Data Management Platforms, and so on).
your mobile platform's brand safety in order to filter out all inappropriate advertisements and minimize the number of crashes.
the UI/UX design of your software, tools and dashboards by applying best practices and bespoke industry trends.
the development and evolution of your programmatic and data management platforms.
Did you know?
In a recent survey conducted by Cogniance, 73% of all advertising ecosystem players involve outside vendors when building their adtech/martech tools and platforms.
Yet over half of these, 52%, are either only somewhat satisfied, or not satisfied, with their software development partner.
These statistics speak to the heart of an eternal dilemma: you need to work with an external vendor to scale and innovate at the pace the industry demands. But working with an external vendor doesn't have to be challenging. Not if you select the right partner. In the same survey, 7% said they were extremely satisfied with their software development partner. You can be part of that 7%.
Join the 7%
Together we can build the platform that’s relevant for your business.
Why Cogniance?
design studios worldwide
We are builders. Our design-led approach starts and ends with your users, building solutions that are relevant for them.
We’re an experienced partner. Working on adtech projects is a part of our DNA and we’ve been doing it since our inception in 2008.
successful projects
We have a proven track record of working with adtech and martech customers, from advertising and media agencies to publishers.
The amount of time our designers and engineers spend each month, working side-by-side with customers to deliver relevant solutions.
Let us help you manage all your digital touchpoints.