Today, we’re on the cusp of huge technological change. Where is Machine Learning heading? Can extended reality enhance actual reality? How close are we to autonomous cars? In what ways will digitization transform health and wellness?

Technology That Enhances Lives

Welcome to the Cogniance CES 2019 Trend Report. In this publication we break down the trends by selected sectors, let you know what’s important and why, and introduce informed opinion from Cogniance experts. We believe that technology should enhance lives, be a tool fit for purpose, and drive positive change.

In this report we don’t cover every technology from every company. We do cover the tech that makes a difference, improves experiences, and enhances lives.

We hope the following pages will serve to inform and inspire. They are designed to help you better understand the technology trends of 2019, and what they hold for the future.

CES, held in Las Vegas each January, is now its 50th year. Celebrated as the biggest tech show in the world, in 2019 it drew 182,000 visitors, featured 1,000 speakers, and filled its halls with 4,500 exhibiting companies.

“Advancements in machine learning and life sciences have put us on the cusp of a medical revolution. Customizable treatment plans give us tools to radically change our bodies and enhance our health. Though controversial and socially disruptive, this genie is out of the bottle.”

Perry Simpson, Managing Director Health & Wellness, Cogniance

“Contactless biometrics would make access to various services ridiculously easy, turning a user’s body into a ‘password’ or ‘key’ – thus making the experience truly frictionless. If you’re working on any kind of wearable, consider adding payments – soon it will become a must-have feature.”

Galina Ryzhenko, Head of Product Management, Cogniance

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