Designing, developing, and launching an Android app for “DocuShare”
Xerox. It’s synonymous with copies. But today’s Xerox is a true original – innovating like never before. They’re a leader in document technology and services. Helping businesses worldwide transform the way they manage processes and information. DocuShare is Xerox’s best-selling content management platform. It automates business processes for a wide range of paper and digital content. But in 2014, they needed to quickly expand mobile access. Making it available for Android devices, for their on-the-go clients. So they brought Cogniance on board to expand the functionality—from iPhones and iPads apps, to Androids. Cogniance rose to the challenge, and delivered an exceptional solution. Right on time. It was a big win for Xerox.
Expanding access for a top-of-the-line content management system
Xerox is an $11 billion technology leader. Their DocuShare product is one of the most flexible, easy-to-use content management platforms on the market today. For companies large and small, it makes storing and organizing mountains of documents painless. With DocuShare, content management is intuitive, integrated (with other business systems), and cloud-enabled. Xerox makes it simple. And Cogniance worked hard to make it even more accessible.
Improving every feature: stability, usability, speed, design
The specifics of the Cogniance-delivered solutions were many. A highly evolved Android UX/UI. User-aligned navigation workflows. Improved support of rich-text format documents. And vastly increased install velocity. Because Cogniance’s agile team was charged with improving the overall user experience, we developed a completely re-imagined visual design. (Fast forward, it even triggered redesigns of Xerox’s other DocuShare products.) In fact, every single feature was painstakingly revisited specifically for Android. And the solution was delivered quickly. For Xerox, it greenlighted a successful on-time launch of their product.

"Cogniance have the right technical competence. Moreover, they've done different projects in different business areas, so they have a range of domain expertise. Their project management skills were also key.”
Chris Holmes, Vice President of Mobile Commerce Solutions, Payments and Public Sector
Helping the eponymous leader in copies keep on innovating
Xerox continues to thrive in the increasingly complex intersection of paper and digital. With Cogniance as their partner, Xerox was able to reach a large segment of the expanding mobile market. Enabling customers to access their DocuShare content on the go, with their Android devices. And the partnership worked so well that we continue to partner on other solutions. Supporting Xerox in their market-leading, innovative technologies.
Delivering a quality solution
We're proud of this project because our team delivered a quality solution on time, and
dramatically improved the overall user experience. We developed a completely re-imagined
visual design that even triggered redesigns of Xerox’s other DocuShare products.
We’re a design-led technology innovation company that puts people at the center of everything that we do. We live by our values and for our customers.
All in or nothing
No one ever changed the world by holding back. To build something that makes a real difference, there's only one way - and that's all in. From the first sketch to the final delivery, we give everything we have, and more.
People first
When you love what you do, it can be easy to get lost in the design. Technology can take over, and you lose sight of what's important. That's why we say people first and live by it. It's always about what's best for our customers.
Good enough is never good enough
We pride ourselves on being relentlessly ambitious in everything we do, at every stage, and with every customer. We always strive to do better and don't rest until our customers are wowed, and the people who live, work and play with our solutions and products are wowed.
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