Survival of the fittest: a digital platform that powers success
Netpulse helps health and fitness clubs go mobile. They’re the largest provider of branded mobile health-club apps—driving revenue and building happy, ‘appy fitness communities. They know how to plug into new technologies. And they came to Cogniance for tech heavy lifting: to help them build an interactive platform. One that would connect exercise equipment, third-party apps, and fitness trackers. Seamlessly integrating into each fitness club's own ecosystem. And motivating their members. Cogniance delivered on-target, on-time, and on-budget expertise.
The challenge: engaging members, while increasing fitness club revenue
The goal was to build a comprehensive, interactive experience. So that gyms could energize their cardio-carrying members in a deeper way. An app that enables clubs, trainers, and customers to efficiently access, collect, and analyze fitness data. For the active-lifestyle community, it should boost motivation and enhance trainings via personalized goal setting and fitness challenges. For fitness clubs, a new revenue stream. So San Francisco-based Netpulse and Cogniance partnered to create a winning end-to-end application and connected digital platform.
NetpulseOne: supporting active lifestyles through better technology
Cogniance embraced the project, and ran with it. From strategy and concept design, to engineering and testing. Cogniance’s dedicated work on the NetpulseOne platform included UX/UI design, project and product management, and QA. We executed the engineering phase of the project—J2EE backend, AngularJS rich web application, and ObjectiveC and Java native mobile apps for iOS and Android respectively. Next, we developed an intuitive analytics dashboard. Then we enabled others to join in the fun—integrating third party fitness devices and apps (like Fitbit). The customizable platform also captures data from the gyms’ fitness machines. All the data is then neatly incorporated into the club's ecosystem. Voila.

“We chose to work with Cogniance because of their stellar reputation, and their talents across all the technologies that we required to realize the Netpulse One platform. Their dedication and passion for the project was beyond what I expected, and our work together can only be defined as a partnership"
John Ford, Co-CEO, Netpulse, Inc.
Sprinting towards the finish line, reaching performance goals
Together, Netpulse and Cogniance developed the NetpulseOne platform. A comprehensive digital solution. For fitness clubs, it creates a branded, social fitness community. And pumps up their revenue. Gym enthusiasts enjoy the actively engaging experience and the many fitness-related benefits. And so, Netpulse continues to thrive—leading their industry’s digital transformation. With Cogniance playing a pivotal part in helping them build more muscle through their powerful new platform.
We’re a design-led technology innovation company that puts people at the center of everything that we do. We live by our values and for our customers.
All in or nothing
No one ever changed the world by holding back. To build something that makes a real difference, there's only one way - and that's all in. From the first sketch to the final delivery, we give everything we have, and more.
People first
When you love what you do, it can be easy to get lost in the design. Technology can take over, and you lose sight of what's important. That's why we say people first and live by it. It's always about what's best for our customers.
Good enough is never good enough
We pride ourselves on being relentlessly ambitious in everything we do, at every stage, and with every customer. We always strive to do better and don't rest until our customers are wowed, and the people who live, work and play with our solutions and products are wowed.
Real solutions to real challenges
We think day and night about how we can create solutions that will have a meaningful impact, working with customers to design solutions that are relevant and will have a positive effect on people's lives today and tomorrow.

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