State-of-the-art, complete home music system
Can you hear it? The sweet sound of music, robust and clear. It’s why audiophiles worldwide revere KEF’s loudspeakers as the future of hi-fi. The KEF LS50 Wireless is a state-of-the-art, complete home music system that conveniently delivers high-resolution audio. And KEF wanted to develop a mobile companion app to manage the speakers’ settings and properties. They also needed to enable high-quality audio content streaming. And integration with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) media servers. So KEF reached out to Cogniance to leverage their software design and development expertise. The collaboration delivered streaming capabilities for top-quality audio content to LS50 Wireless music systems. It hit the right note. And keeps KEF firmly at the forefront of innovation.
Developing cutting-edge capabilities for high-fidelity sound
Britain-based KEF manufactures innovative audio products for outstanding sound experiences. They set people’s lives to music, powerfully. KEF planned to launch an active version (with crossover components) of their LS50 Wireless speaker. And Cogniance was brought on board to design and develop the iOS and Android apps. The apps would need to enable KEF’s music-loving customers to set up speakers in their home Wi-Fi network, and control streaming functions and playback functionality. In essence, ensuring KEF’s capabilities to deliver a rich multi-dimensional soundstage experience. Empowering people with connectivity, flexibility, and speed. And maximizing the magic of music.
For KEF, the success of the solution was crucial. It would help them further penetrate the high-end wireless speakers market. So Cogniance got to work, partnering closely with KEF’s hardware team. And together, we delivered the apps―under a very tight deadline―on time.
Connecting, streaming, enhancing: smart functionality with smart phones
Cogniance designed and implemented complete companion mobile apps for KEF. With intuitive, comprehensive controls for the LS50 Wireless. Simple to set up, the apps offer a single center of control (that’s not available through the remote and speaker control panel). Complete playback control. Flexible sound adjustment. And music streaming from many sources―such as media servers, local libraries, and TIDAL. (The celebrated integration with the hi-fi music streaming service TIDAL allows users to access their cloud-based music libraries directly through the app.) In fact, our ongoing work enables a constantly increasing number of supported music sources (such as Spotify). Complex capabilities, yet very user friendly. And KEF benefits through that apps’ analytics data, providing valuable insight for future product development.

Cogniance is proud of this project because our partnership with KEF succeeded in delivering a
first-class solution, under very tight deadlines. It was KEF’s first published software solution,
allowing them to expand into the top-end wireless speakers market.
The Cogniance-KEF Partnership: changing the way people enjoy music
With the Cogniance-designed mobile apps (available on iTunes and Google Play), KEF’s wireless music system enables easy, instant audio streaming. We continue to partner with KEF, enabling even better user-friendly app functionality and more services. Our collaboration empowers KEF to continue transforming the accessibility of their sound system for the digital age.
The LS50 Wireless
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