Simplifying home maintenance, with quick and easy access to trusted vendors
Home is where the heart is. And people want homes that are perfectly maintained. But it takes considerable time, effort, and expertise to attend to ongoing upkeep and improvements. And a home doesn't come with an instruction manual or a list of providers covering all the necessary tasks. So, the ease of home repairs and maintenance hinges on convenience: how easily one can quickly secure trusted, top-of-the-line professionals to help. Hinged is a complete online home management service — giving homeowners and renters the power to easily control and manage everything in their home, from one place. Hinged empowers people to make informed decisions and select best-in-class, local service professionals. Every time.
Creating a feature-rich home maintenance network
The innovators behind the Hinged start-up had a novel idea. With the increasing complexity of in-home devices, they envisioned a game-changing solution that would tackle the myriad decisions homeowners face. But they needed a dedicated partner to convert the concept into an impactful technology solution. So they partnered with Cogniance to build a cloud-based, home-operations control system. To easily connect homeowners effortlessly with first-rate, vetted home service professionals. A virtual property manager that would oversee every possible need.
Building an all-in-one platform connecting homeowners with trustworthy service providers
Hinged chose Cogniance because of our approach, a deep understanding of customer needs, and confidence in the solution delivery. We provided a team of specialists to master a full cycle of product design and development tasks. From idea generation to software engineering, digital and industrial design, integration with third-party calendars and a payment system, and top-notch QA throughout. And finally, the launch of the Hinged platform—empowering homeowners to take care of what’s probably their single biggest asset.

Cogniance is proud of this project because we helped Hinged develop a cloud-based, on-line platform that provides a much smarter way for people to organize, manage, and schedule repairs for their homes. It helps simplify the complexities associated with what’s probably their single biggest asset.
It’s a home run: sophisticated online home management
With Cogniance’s help, Hinged brought to market a high-quality, impactful product. The cloud-based solution we co-developed during our multi-year partnership provides a much smarter way to manage and schedule home repairs and maintenance. The platform gives access to a large database of dependable services—local vendors people can count on. Homeowners can also schedule a home inspection through Hinged that leads to a customized maintenance plan; the system can then notify them when something needs servicing (before it requires repair). It also tracks and analyzes spending, and enables communication with neighbors to compare notes on vendors. With Hinged, finding, scheduling, and paying trusted professionals―through a single user-friendly app―is easy. Making complicated lives simpler.
We’re a design-led technology innovation company that puts people at the center of everything that we do. We live by our values and for our customers.
All in or nothing
No one ever changed the world by holding back. To build something that makes a real difference, there's only one way - and that's all in. From the first sketch to the final delivery, we give everything we have, and more.
People first
When you love what you do, it can be easy to get lost in the design. Technology can take over, and you lose sight of what's important. That's why we say people first and live by it. It's always about what's best for our customers.
Good enough is never good enough
We pride ourselves on being relentlessly ambitious in everything we do, at every stage, and with every customer. We always strive to do better and don't rest until our customers are wowed, and the people who live, work and play with our solutions and products are wowed.
Real solutions to real challenges
We think day and night about how we can create solutions that will have a meaningful impact, working with customers to design solutions that are relevant and will have a positive effect on people's lives today and tomorrow.

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