Supporting the success of a leading expense management company
The idea was straightforward: simplifying tedious expense reporting through an online expense management system. This was the dream of Expensify’s founder, when the financial services start-up was founded back in 2008. But could there really be a way to effectively automate the process? And get from concept to end product, quickly? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. Nearly a decade later, Expensify reached the 5-million-users mark in August 2017. That’s a lot of happy customers. Worldwide. And Cogniance helped Expensify build it.
Emptying pockets of all those messy receipts
Cloud-based receipt and expense management via user-friendly web and mobile apps. It seems so obvious now. But a decade ago, it wasn’t so. Expensify set out to eliminate the headaches of expense reporting. And the world embraced it. Expense tracking, receipt scanning, and efficient creation of expense reports. But because of their rapid growth, they faced a pressing need to roll out key features. Fast. Simply put, they needed help. So Expensify turned to Cogniance—to leverage a team of experts who could plug into their architecture, help them develop back-end systems, and more.
Effortless functionality, through complex software development
Cogniance jumped in, feet first. We quickly gathered a cross-functional engineering team. And worked hand-in-hand with Expensify (in a highly secured environment). The co-created solution involved UX/UI design, sophisticated software development, diligent project management, and quality assurance. Cogniance developed a secure new database structure that ensured compliant integration between Expensify’s platform and users’ bank accounts. (In techspeak, they tackled bank scrapers and parsers.) The Cogniance-delivered bank automation was critical for new functionalities. Another piece of the puzzle was enabling app and platform compliance with IRS eReceipts standards. They’re tech advances that solve problems, for businesses of all sizes.

Expensify has doubled its customer base this year, growing its number of users to more than five million worldwide. “More and more, employees are tired of spending countless hours doing mundane tasks and instead are turning to technology to speed up those processes,”
David Barrett, Expensify founder and CEO
They’re unstoppable. And we couldn’t be happier
Expensify has doubled their customer base over the last year. And they doubled the number of accounting companies they partner with. They’re growing like crazy. (They raised another $27 million in funding, in summer 2017.) At Cogniance, we’re proud to play a key supporting role in their wide-reaching success. Helping them develop and maintain a market-leading app that saves millions of customers incalculable time. And profoundly streamlining processes—saving money for businesses worldwide.
Saving time for millions of customers
Cogniance is proud of this project because we played a key supporting role in Expensify’s wide-
reaching success. We helped them develop and maintain a market-leading app that saves
incalculable time for millions of customers.
We’re a design-led technology innovation company that puts people at the center of everything that we do. We live by our values and for our customers.
All in or nothing
No one ever changed the world by holding back. To build something that makes a real difference, there's only one way - and that's all in. From the first sketch to the final delivery, we give everything we have, and more.
People first
When you love what you do, it can be easy to get lost in the design. Technology can take over, and you lose sight of what's important. That's why we say people first and live by it. It's always about what's best for our customers.
Good enough is never good enough
We pride ourselves on being relentlessly ambitious in everything we do, at every stage, and with every customer. We always strive to do better and don't rest until our customers are wowed, and the people who live, work and play with our solutions and products are wowed.
Real solutions to real challenges
We think day and night about how we can create solutions that will have a meaningful impact, working with customers to design solutions that are relevant and will have a positive effect on people's lives today and tomorrow.

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