Making financial reporting for small businesses less taxing
As the saying goes, there are few things in life as certain as death and taxes. But with 1-800Accountant, taxes and accounting don’t have to be an inescapable burden. As America's leading small business accounting firm, they’ve been redefining the industry since 1999. Looking to the future, they knew that with truly innovative mobile and desktop applications, they could make taxes and accounting both easy and accessible for small-business owners. But they’re primarily an accounting firm, not a tech one. So they partnered with Cogniance to develop a new portal of accounting and tax filing applications to address the needs of small-business owners—and attract new clients.
Creating a world-class virtual tax organizer
1-800Accountant was determined to offer a premium product that would neatly organize complex taxes: a user-friendly, secure, and speedy way for their customers to share financial data with 1-800Accountant’s in-house tax experts. For clients, it would mean efficiency, accessibility, and peace of mind. In other words: a huge sigh of relief. But their old apps and website were simply outdated. So they needed a new solution, delivered fast. One that would be the added value that made people choose 1-800Accountant.
Single sign-on web portal, financial aggregation system, mobile app, and state-of-the-art website
Enter Cogniance. Streamlining access to 1-800Accountant’s products, and delivering simple-to-use technology. A new single sign-on (SSO) portal for a suite of products (Client Books, Virtual Tax Organizer, and Tax App) was developed. Complex third party software integrations were mastered, and new high-value features were delivered. But the game-changer was the new financial institutions’ aggregation system. The ability to sync bank and credit account transactions to the system, categorize them, and generate financial reports was transformational. Because it slashed time and energy spent for customers and in-house accountants alike. Complexity made simple.
"The team at Cogniance has been a big part of us reaching our tech goals. We have collaborated extensively creating some great products that save small-business owners time while helping us engage new clients.”
Mike Savage, CEO, 1-800Accountant
Helping 1-800Accountant thrive in a transforming industry
The collaborative partnership between 1-800Accountant and Cogniance has been a clear success. Working together calls for speed and agility, responding to constantly evolving business needs and industry requirements. And Cogniance delivers. Small businesses (and individuals) increasingly rely on 1-800Accountant’s web, iOS, and Android apps—for easy-to-use business accounting, bookkeeping, and tax expertise. And the friendly, fast, accessible solutions support mobile lifestyles. It’s right on the money. Today, three years after the collaboration that brought us together, this partnership continues to produce first-rate results and set people free. It’s 21st century virtual number-crunching at its finest. And more and more 1-800Accountant clients reap the benefits, each and every day.
A fresh new website
Cogniance also created a whole new website for the company. Fresh, modern, and even a little bit fun. With added shopping cart and login features, it’s also much easier to navigate.
We’re a design-led technology innovation company that puts people at the center of everything that we do. We live by our values and for our customers.
All in or nothing
No one ever changed the world by holding back. To build something that makes a real difference, there's only one way - and that's all in. From the first sketch to the final delivery, we give everything we have, and more.
People first
When you love what you do, it can be easy to get lost in the design. Technology can take over, and you lose sight of what's important. That's why we say people first and live by it. It's always about what's best for our customers.
Good enough is never good enough
We pride ourselves on being relentlessly ambitious in everything we do, at every stage, and with every customer. We always strive to do better and don't rest until our customers are wowed, and the people who live, work and play with our solutions and products are wowed.
Real solutions to real challenges
We think day and night about how we can create solutions that will have a meaningful impact, working with customers to design solutions that are relevant and will have a positive effect on people's lives today and tomorrow.

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