We’re looking for an energetic, empathetic, and execution-oriented Sales Executive, who is experienced with, and passionate about, the newest technology trends and design. We expect you to be an up-to-date technology enthusiast that can empathize with the product development challenges that startups and innovation-driven corporations in the software and hardware spaces are facing. You should ideally have experience with either selling or delivering technology/consultive services. You should feel passionate about working with the customer and internal stakeholders to shape a deal that meets the needs and leverages our unique value proposition.

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The Role
Key Responsibilities

Sales Executives at Cogniance are expected to manage and excel in all phases of the sales cycle:

Generate and nurture your leads from industry and networking events and work with our marketing and inside sales teams to ensure the appropriate field support
Identify and prioritize opportunities, and collaborate with our pre-sales team to define and close deals
Manage customer relationships, and will work closely with project managers to ensure customer satisfaction and to develop additional business
Own your sales funnel, ensuring that enough leads are touched at the top and managed through each stage of the funnel to become deals and repeat customers
Spend a significant portion of time in the field, developing and leveraging relationships through personal meetings, presentations, networking, speaking engagements, or social outings
Identify specific sales opportunities within existing and prospective customers. Work with customers and Cogniance teams to determine requirements and specifications, build customer value proposition, and shape and close the deal
Manage and develop customer relationships. By working closely with project managers to ensure service delivery is satisfactory, explore new business opportunities within the account and maintain project profitability targets

Qualifications & Experience

6+ years of sales/business development experience, including technology/consulting services experience (selling or delivering)
Previous experience in global design, technology, or strategy consultancy
Experience with software platforms and technologies (the web, mobile, cloud, embedded), and an early adopter mindset with passion for latest technology trends, apps, gadgets, and companies
Exposure to the technology startup and corporate innovation ecosystems, either through direct employment, client relationships, or personal network
Demonstrated capability to manage all phases of the sales process, from lead generation to closing deals to developing client relationships
Proven ability to close deals and meet quota objectives — we expect you to provide details of quota achievements
Consultative approach to selling, through disarming attitude, empathetic mindset, and value-adding solutions
Balance of self-starter mentality and ability to adhere to sales processes
Ability to structure and negotiate deals that meet all parties’ needs

The Company

Cogniance is a global design and technology company with 500+ innovators, creators and change-builders, working hand-in-hand with both startups and corporate innovators to transform their businesses, put their customers’ needs at the center and win in their chosen markets. Building impactful futures for real people is our mantra and our craft is design-led technology solutions.
We are a human-to-human design and technology company with a Silicon Valley mindset, the relentless drive of a startup and the experience of a global organization. We truly believe that any idea good enough to create a positive change in the way people live, work, think or play, deserves success.

Cogniance is not just a place to work. It’s somewhere where you’ll grow, make friends, have fun and, not least, be part of an exciting journey to build impactful futures for people all over the globe.
You'll never be bored
Monotony kills innovation. Here, you'll work on a wide range of projects that generate real results. That's the beauty of having so many exciting clients from different industries.
You'll see the world
Working human-to-human means you actually have to see each other now and then. That's why you'll get the opportunity to visit our clients, all over the globe.
You'll be part of a family
You'll get to work with fun-loving creative innovators who can't wait to get to work. We work hard, but we also know how to celebrate our successes!
You'll change the world
We work with our clients to make sure that the concepts we create and drive to fruition will have a positive impact on their customers and their business. Join us and together, we will impact the future.
You'll be covered
People first is about giving you peace of mind, so you know you're always covered with access to the best medical treatments in your area. And you'll be rewarded with a competitive salary so you feel appreciated for your hard work.
You'll grow
Going all in requires that we give everything we have. And when that's not enough, we have to get more; more knowledge, more skills, more training. You've never seen a growth curve until you've worked with us.
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