Cogniance is a great place to work. If you feel engaged by the Silicon Valley startup spirit and want to help communicate that spirit to the candidates you’ll be responsible for recruiting, this is the place to be. Our Recruitment Team is looking for someone who loves finding great talents, working with candidates, and partnering closely with hiring managers. The successful candidate will be passionate about working in a service organization to help the company achieve its business goals. It’s an ideal role for someone starting out on their career who really wants to make an impact and grow.

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The Role

Qualifications & Experience

  • 1+ years of experience in IT recruitment
  • Understanding of the IT sphere and recruitment processes
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Upper-intermediate English
  • Experience screening CVs to match vacancy requirements
  • Experience conducting interviews  
  • Experience of market analysis, research, and report preparation


If you’re an open-minded, goal-oriented, and flexible person, we’d love to receive your application.


Role & Responsibilities

  • Work with Jira-based candidate database metrics and MS Excel reports
  • Research skills/profiles based on predefined criteria
  • Review resumes and prescreen qualified candidates
  • Move the interview process forward in a timely manner
  • Organize and facilitate interview debriefs
  • Identify closing strategies and proactively provide candidates with the right information to help make their decision an easy one
Cogniance is not just a place to work. It’s somewhere where you’ll grow, make friends, have fun and, not least, be part of an exciting journey to build impactful futures for people all over the globe.
You'll never be bored
Monotony kills innovation. Here, you'll work on a wide range of projects that generate real results. That's the beauty of having so many exciting clients from different industries.
You'll see the world
Working human-to-human means you actually have to see each other now and then. That's why you'll get the opportunity to visit our clients, all over the globe.
You'll be part of a family
You'll get to work with fun-loving creative innovators who can't wait to get to work. We work hard, but we also know how to celebrate our successes!
You'll change the world
We work with our clients to make sure that the concepts we create and drive to fruition will have a positive impact on their customers and their business. Join us and together, we will impact the future.
You'll be covered
People first is about giving you peace of mind, so you know you're always covered with access to the best medical treatments in your area. And you'll be rewarded with a competitive salary so you feel appreciated for your hard work.
You'll grow
Going all in requires that we give everything we have. And when that's not enough, we have to get more; more knowledge, more skills, more training. You've never seen a growth curve until you've worked with us.
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