Engagement models

We approach our engagements in ways that are optimal for the products we build, injecting just the right amount of expertise at every step of the way, with dial-up, dial-down flexibility throughout the process. The products we work on are inherently unique and require various degrees of attention from product management, design, architecture, engineering and deployment standpoint.   As a result, we work very closely with the client teams when it comes to product planning, and create iteration plans that contain appropriate levels of resources for what is required to get the product to hit its next success milestone. Kind of like skilled pediatricians or nutritionists that are overseeing the development of a healthy child, from infancy to self-sufficiency and success.


Our engagement models depend on the scope, complexity, and duration of the product development stage.  Whereas more palpable engagements such as developing a mobile application prototype can be approached as fixed-scope projects, venture-funded roadmap implementations call for flexibly structured time & materials engagements. 

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