Cogniance Express™

Introducing Cogniance Express™

Over the course of the last 40 months, Cogniance has delivered hundreds of top-quality on-time/on-spec/on-budget releases using Cogniance Express™, a best-of-breed methodology built on an enhanced mix of Agile (XP, SCRUM, KANBAN) and semi-traditional (PMBOK, CMMI, RUP) frameworks.

Based on the Cogniance team’s 6+ years experience in successful delivery, Cogniance Express™ has proved its quality in multi-project environments of up to 40 simultaneous projects varying from small, 4-5 man/month engagements to large, 200+ man/years projects with monthly major releases happening across 2+ years.

Cogniance Express™ is a continuously evolving body of knowledge. Its development is driven by Cogniance's Program Management Office and major new releases of the methodology itself are put into company-wide use every quarter.

Structure of Cogniance Express™

Cogniance Express™ is a software development methodology, covering all key activities such as management of the development process, management of the product definition, user interface design development, software development, quality control and quality assurance, software deployment and maintenance.

Cogniance Express™ is structured as Core Processes, General and Special Extensions which rely on Core Processes, and Integration Interfaces which provide seamless integration of delivery with supporting functions. 


Key practices of Cogniance Express™

Key practices of Cogniance Express™ include those which form a Core part of the methodology and some of the most important general extensions.

Structuring of development teams and development phases and management methodology form a Core part of Cogniance Express™.

Structuring of development teams is built on an idea of having a strong-matrix-based delivery organization – each project team is lead by a dedicated project manager and consists of professionals from different functional departments – such as product management, UI design, software engineering, QA, operations etc.

Structuring of development phases is based on an idea of iterative development with a continuously moving “train” of releases and development threads happening simultaneously in several parallel iterations – while test and operation team get version N ready for release, development team implements the scope of iteration N+1, design team creates UI for iteration N+2 scope, and the product management team works on specifications for iteration N+3 scope.

Cogniance Express™ embraces Scrum as project management methodology, leveraging best Scrum practices to their full extent.

Cogniance Express™ relies heavily on methods originating from XP engineering practices, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, test-driven development, refactoring-based continuously evolving architecture and design, strong coding style and consistent coding techniques and software design patterns.

User Interface design process which are built into Cogniance Express™ are an industry-standard world-class set of UI design creation practices and patterns which are smoothly integrated with the rest of the delivery flow.

QA practices which also are an indispensable part of Cogniance Express™ methodology, are based on a Total Quality Management approach which require quality control and assurance not only at dedicated QA phases but also during all development phases without exclusion – starting with requirements testing and finishing with ongoing testing and system health monitoring in production mode.